Woman hair loss

Are you a woman wishing for fuller, thicker hair?

Woman hair loss

Do you suffer from hairloss on the top of your head?

Woman hair loss

Do you want to change your hairline?

The solution might already exist to all of these conditions...

Hair is one of the first things people notice about us when we meet them. Hair sends a strong message about your style, personality, and sometimes even hygiene. Researchers have found that in the 21st century the perception about old age began to shift as well. It became increasingly important for women to have well groomed hair to avoid negative perceptions related to aging. For this reason, hair loss can be very distressing and have a huge effect on a woman's self esteem.

20% of women


60% of women


96% of women


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Most women find it very hard to cope with losing hair and are looking for different ways of getting their hair back. There is no shortage of miracle products promising rapid hair growth but the reality of these products is harsh – none are proven to work and it’s rare to come across genuine positive reviews. When you see the next such product, promise, or miracle "solution" just ask yourself a question:

“If I’m balding and have less hair than I want, will this product I’m about to purchase create new hair follicles or hair bulbs underneath my skin?"

If the answer is NO...

...then you’re probably spending money on something which won’t help. Because hair can grow on your head ONLY if there is a hairbulb or root underneath your skin tissue.

Out there in the "Jungle of the Internet" there are 100’s of "get your hair back quick" promises in various forms, from miracle cosmetics, liquids, electronic devices, "SOLUTIONS” for ’for hundreds or even thousands of dollars…

…but there will always be ONLY ONE REAL SOLUTION to these problems. A proven REAL solution for creating a fuller/thicker hairstyle does exist. Throughout the years, hundreds of women have reached out to us looking for help.

This solution is called Hair Transplantation (synonyms: Hair Restoration, Hair Implantation), or to be more precise: HAIR RE-ALLOCATION

We are a hair transplantation clinic whose doctors have over 20 years of combined experience (as of 2018). We are confident we can help you achieve the natural results you always dreamed about.

How exactly is the hair transplant procedure carried out for women?

Hair transplantation is carried out by using a special type of extra sharp micro needle with thinned walls that allows our surgeons to carefully extract your hair follicles without damaging the surrounding hair. After extraction the follicular units are held in a special cooled liquid. Following a short break we implant them back into the desired area, which can be: top of the head, front top of the head, or we will create a new hairline (we will lower the existing hairline or redesign) above your forehead.

The procedure is done under local anesthesia and is 100% painless. Thanks to our clinic's advanced technology, we now offer two different options for carrying out this surgery.

Arrival to our Clinic, Welcome.

We will document your situation and we will once again talk through your needs and goals with your hair.

We will prepare the donor area for treament, including trimming the donor area, making a plan for extraction, etc.
We usually need to trim a small section of hair (dimensions of circa 4-7 cm high x 8-11 cm wide or in inches 2.5 x 3.5) depending on the treatment.

After local anesthesia we will perform the extraction of the follicular units (also known as grafts).
1 graft can contain 1 – 5 hairs. This varies from patient to patient.
The extraction is 100% painfree, and is done laying in a facedown position on your chest.

After local anesthesia we implant the hairs into the target area.
The implantation is 100% painfree and is done in a sitting/lying position.

In the early afternoon we will finish the whole hair transplantation.

Note: the above schedule does not mention the break times (tea, lunch break, etc.), of which there are 2-5 during the day.

From the first email, I felt well looked after and cared for. This impression increased in the nice environment of the clinic. All the staff were very polite, competent, and courteous. Thankfully my nervousness was completely unnecessary! I’m really looking forward to the result!

Patient I.

I am very happy with my choice. After a lot of thought, I decided to go to the Million Hairs clinic because I found positive feedback about them. Now I understand why. The day of the procedure went smoothly. The nurse was very nice to me throughout the day and thanks to her I was not stressed at all. Throughout the day we had many breaks during which the staff always spoke to me and I felt that they really looked after me. It was a great day and a great deal. I hope to see the end result as soon as possible and I’m already looking forward to it! Thank you so much once again!

Patient II.

At the clinic I underwent a one day procedure during which my hair was transplanted onto the top of my head. I am very satisfied with the procedure. Upon arrival it was clear to me that I was in a good place, as the staff welcomed me very kindly and were incredibly communicative. It was obvious to me that they care about how I feel, because several times during the day they made sure I was all right and asked if I had everything I needed. At the beginning of the day I was given a nice room where I could relax and spend breaks between picking and implanting new hair. During these breaks the staff was very attentive, asking whether they could bring me food or water, whether I was comfortable with the room temperature, and whether I had any pain or unpleasant feelings and the like…I felt very cared for, as it should be! After the procedure, I went to the clinic once again to check the results. The head seems to be healing properly and now I’m waiting for the result. Based on the clinic’s approach, I have to say that I expect only the best… 🙂

Patient III.

I have a positive impression from the procedure and the whole day. The morning of the procedure a very nice and competent team was waiting for me. They really cared for me, we were always kept updated, and the doctor was friendly. All the questions I had were answered in detail and I am very happy I decided to have this procedure after much thought.
Thank you to the whole team for professional work and for really caring for me!

Patient IV.

WHY CHOOSE US – Meet Our Doctors

Introducing the award-winning S.H.E. method...

“Every transplantation at our clinic is carried out using the award-winning S.H.E. method, which was developed by our team of surgeons. The method involves the use of an ultra thin needle designed specifically to remove hair follicles. The needles used are so thin that they leave no marks or scars on the scalp and they allow us to achieve a 100% natural looking result.

Why do we believe we are your best choice when it comes to hair transplantation?
– our specialists have 20+ years of combined experince in hair transplantation
we can implant hairs between your long existing ones – no trimming is necessary in the target area
– it is a 100% painfree treatment
– we only use the finest and most precise instruments
– we implant in a natural way, paying careful attention to the right: angle, direction, depth, density: these factors make our hair transplant look natural.
– we apply a self-developed method known as FOFI: First Out, First In
(The hairs which are extracted first are implanted back into the target area first) Thanks to this method there is an excellent Hair Survival & Growth Rate

The only result you will have is fuller thicker natural hair where we implanted

Years of Combined Experience
Transplanted Grafts
Satisfied Clients

Available Dates for Hair Transplant Treatment

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What's included?


Hair Transplant treatment. All Inclusive.


2 nights for 2 Persons w/ Breakfast in a three-star HOTEL (approximately five minute walk to our clinic)


Aftercare products which will help make your recovery smoother and faster


Ordered from the very best restaurant in the city!



Based on our 20+ years of combined experience on what to do, what to avoid etc.

The whole team was super professional. I felt very well taken care of here. The team worked very precisely. Good job! I will recommend Million Hairs to everyone. Thank you to the whole team for the great work.

Patient A.

Many thanks! The very kind team treated me very well, I can only recommend it to anyone who is thinking of getting their hair transplanted. The rooms are very clean. I am overjoyed as I write this review, although I’m still a bit nervous. The treatment is hardly painful.

Patient B.

Thank you for the professional treatment. The treatment involved very mild pain during anesthesia, but this was easy endure. I did not feel a thing, only the hands of the doctor. I’m looking forward to the hopefully good result.

Patient C.

The work of the whole team was great, friendly, and professional. One can go to MillionHairs with no fears. You will not be disappointed!

Patient D.

Before you contact us


We want to help to everybody, but we must be 100% honest with you.
We work using the hair you have on the back of your head. Hair transplantation can be carried out only if there is enough hair in the donor area.
Before contacting us, please double check with your hand. Grab the hair on the back of your head and ask yourself this question: "Do I have more (ideally a lot more) hair here, than in the target area(s)?" If your answer is yes, then congratulations, you are probably are a good candidate for hair transplant. We might be able to help you with hair transplantation! Since we are not reversing hair loss, but rather redistributing/reallocating your existing hair, it’s very important that you have thick hair, or at least significantly more hair on the back of your head than in the target area. The hair follicles on the back of your head will be extracted and transplanted into the balding areas.