Patient III.

At the clinic I underwent a one day procedure during which my hair was transplanted onto the top of my head. I am very satisfied with the procedure. Upon arrival it was clear to me that I was in a good place, as the staff welcomed me very kindly and were incredibly communicative. It was obvious to me that they care about how I feel, because several times during the day they made sure I was all right and asked if I had everything I needed. At the beginning of the day I was given a nice room where I could relax and spend breaks between picking and implanting new hair. During these breaks the staff was very attentive, asking whether they could bring me food or water, whether I was comfortable with the room temperature, and whether I had any pain or unpleasant feelings and the like…I felt very cared for, as it should be! After the procedure, I went to the clinic once again to check the results. The head seems to be healing properly and now I’m waiting for the result. Based on the clinic’s approach, I have to say that I expect only the best… 🙂